Saturday, November 29, 2014


We apologize for the delay getting images up hit some glitches. So we are going to keep the on line sale up until Monday.
So go to
Seller name: vno66
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I will be posting a link for the web sale through EBAY Info will be up soon so stay tuned!!!!
If your in the area come on in lots to see! Downtown Springville Merry Main Street is going on as well so allot of great shopping here!!!
Remember first come first served as far as sales you want it better buy it!!!!
We will update the site on what sells!!!
Richard Van Over

Sunday, November 16, 2014


We would like to thank all the Artists that have shown at Van Over Fine Arts for the 2014 season!!! We were honored to bring all your beautiful work to our gallery and share it with the public!!! THANK YOU!!

We would also like to thank our loyal fans for all their support!!!

"Crow in Your Heart" 6' x 4' - mixed medium on wood

We have one last event for 2014, one day only.... 
We are clearing out my personal work for CHEAP, CHEAP to make room for new works! 

WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????!!!!!   That's Right!

So if you like my artwork or you know someone who does.... here is your chance to buy my work Cheap! A Great Christmas Gift!!! Nothing over $500 and pieces as low as $50 on Saturday November 29th 1-4pm!

Oh yeah Everything will be up on line also starting at 1pm! So get on it if you like a piece, they will go fast!!!!

Prices online will have shipping included. 

Cash or Charge only deals!!!!
See you NOVEMBER 29th 1-4pm

All Sales are Final!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Yep.... We are back and it's that time of the year... 
to be SCARED!!!! 
JOIN US for....



Thursday, July 24, 2014

AUGUST 2nd "HAPPY THOUGHTS" - Paintings by Artist/Tattoo Artist Adam Francey

   Our September"Ink Slingers" group show has been cancelled. 

Our next show will be 
October 4th - "Dark Arts" group  show.  
Stay Tuned for more updates!!!

Until then please enjoy the extended dates for

Paintings by Adam Francey

on Exhibit thru Sept 27th

"Healing in Times of Rain" - 9"x 12" Acrylic

Van Over Fine Arts Gallery is proud to bring Rochester, NY artist Adam Francey in for a Solo Show entitled "Happy Thoughts". Adam's unique style makes for quite an interesting group of work. A blend of old school flash art with a touch of underground comics and a hint of graffiti. This combo makes for one wild show! Adam works as a tattoo artist at White Tiger Tattoo shop in Rochester, NY. You can see his work at

See you Here!!! @ 49 E Main Street Springville, NY 14141 

"Through the Darkness"  9"x 12" 

"Turbo Speed"  9"x 12"

"Dagger"  9"x 12"

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


JULY 12, 2014  -  6 -10PM

Dress of Moons - Gouache - 11" x 14"

Show Dates:  July 12th - July 26, 2014

Van Over Fine Arts is proud to bring you new works by 
Buffalo artist, Chad Grohman, a rising star
in the contemporary art scene. This is a must see show!
The Apprentice - Gouache - 28"x 20"

"This series of paintings is born from the consistency of nature against man’s daily ups and downs. The women embody nature and are indifferent to mans activity, though they can affect it. The cones are action, They give life, take it, and alter the actions of the surrounding life." 
                                            Chad Grohman

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"INSPIRING MOMENTS" Photographs by John Duncan

Wow what a GREAT show!!!! I want to give a special thanks to my dear friend John for traveling all the way from California for the opening night of his work!

It has been an honor showing his Stunning photographs! Everyone appreciated having a chance to talk with John about the pieces they liked and hearing the stories and process behind each shot.

I would also like to thank our core fans, of the gallery, for supporting us at every show!!! By being there and enjoying our beautiful gallery and the amazing shows we bring in for everyone to view!!

Below are some beautiful images John took that day on the lake and that night at the gallery. Enjoy!!!
Reminder.... the exhibition is up now through June 28th! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

JUNE 7th "INSPIRING MOMENTS" Photographs by J. Duncan

Hi All! Van Over Fine Arts has another great show opening June 7th So that means we are on the final days for Geoff Shenkel's Show "A Strange Sense of Place" which closes Sat. May 31st, that is the last day to see this show!!! If you haven't seen it in person... you should!!!

Our next show June 7th "Inspiring Moments" Photographer John Duncan, Southern California native brings his impressive photographic imagery from around the world to Van Over Fine Arts.
John has a great eye for composition, capturing everyday views and
making them visually stunning and unique.

 “It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words – true – but what they
forget to say is that viewing an image conveys ALL of those words INSTANTLY! 
Better yet, all of those words are different for each person!  Photography is extremely personal.  
It often leads us to feel overwhelmed with emotion the more we look at an image - sometimes creating
more questions than observations.  This is what I have always loved about photography, and why
I have been drawn to the art of capturing moments in time to share with others.”

Opening reception: "Inspiring Moments" photographs by J. Duncan 6 -10pm Sat. June 7th 


Also the Grand Opening right next store to us on the 7th Moc One - Life Style Store!
We are super excited and stoked to have them moving to Downtown Springville!

And if that isn't enough its Dairy Fest Weekend in Springville!!!


Our friends up the road are having a little event this weekend you should check it out! 
I'am!!! You'll Love this place!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saturday May 3rd Opening "A Strange Sense of Place - This Ain't Grandpa's Appalachia" works by Geoff Schenkel

"Steam" mixed medium - 43"x 42"

Van Over Fine Arts is honored to bring you the unique works of Geoffery Schenkel
"A Strange Sense of Place- This Ain't Grandpa's Appalachia"
Opening Reception: May 3rd 6 -10pm
Downtown Springville's Annual Spring Art Crawl! 
(more info below)

Who Is Geoff Schenkel?

Geoffrey Schenkel was born November 14th, 1971 in Marietta, Ohio, growing up in the working class household of  Susan Hall Schenkel and Gilbert (Bud) Delton Schenkel Jr.

 Sent to school with a near spiritual reverence for the uplifting qualities of education, Schenkel attended K through 2nd grades across the street from his boyhood home under the watchful eyes of his parents.  Opportunities were not guaranteed and not to be wasted and in 1990 Schenkel graduated from Marietta Senior High in the top 5% of his class.  Education was ticket to a better future, a penance to be paid from the soul,  it was to be our redemption, and a responsibility that if not met, was intolerable.      
Schenkel then graduated with honors in 1994 earning a double major with degrees in fine arts and commercial arts degree from Marietta College and a supplemental certificate in Leadership Studies from the Bernard P. McDonough Center for Leadership and Business.

A life changing apprenticeship with Precita Eyes Community Muralist, Susan Cervantes, lead him to the means by which he has been able to successfully intertwine his passion for creation and his deep love for sharing the creative process with individuals who may not be inclined to visit a gallery or an art museum, but who are, nonetheless, curious about art and/or creative efforts. This requires a unique sensitivity and flexibility, in which Schenkel takes great pride.
Consider that he has often designed and painted a community’s story working with children as young as five years old (Through the keen eye, by which other artists might create a masterful landscape or still life painting, Schenkel brings an unexpected visual richness to their imagery). He has worked with developmentally disabled adults to assist them in finding methods and techniques that help them reach a level of self-expression previously unattained. While working to unify thematic concepts and to bring disparate brain storms into a greater sense of cohesion, even including sometimes hostile populations of homeless individuals and criminals has not proven too daunting for Schenkel’s love for the inclusion of others in the creation of art. Once, as a means for gathering input for a community mural project, Schenkel drove to a neighboring county an hour away once a week for six months. Meeting with a group of ladies at a senior center, Schenkel provided painting instruction while at the same time the group shared stories and gathered historical photographs that became the foundational materials employed to create an 18’ x 42’ mural depiction of the important gathering places that over the years served to hold their community together.

For these efforts to create in collaboration with others, Schenkel has been recognized for inclusion in the National Society of Arts and Letters, and as an ARTSBRIDGE Visionary Artist, he has received the Liquitex National Excellence in Art Award, WTAP TV One Who Makes A Difference honors, the Ohio School Volunteer of the Year Award, the Marietta City Schools Volunteer of the Year Award, and the Marietta College Distinguished Young Alumnus of the Year Award.

Schenkel has worked primarily in rural Southeastern Ohio creating seven community murals (generally, historically based and rooted in a sense of place) between 1994 and 1997, because of a profound conviction that this part of the world is where he belongs and needs to give his best efforts. Following those years and preceding 2000, he worked on two large scale historical murals totaling over 9000 sq. ft. of wall space in West Virginia and Ohio (the WV mural is rumored to be the largest in the history of the state) bringing his total production of large scale work to over 30 paintings since his time in college. Schenkel’s work has also found homes in the People’s Bank Corp. permanent art collection; in Cleveland, OH; Augusta, GA; and Pittsburgh, PA and has drawn interest from publications in multiple cities in southern and northern Ohio and from as far south as Tennessee’s Now and Then magazine.

In 2005 Schenkel’s Found Object Construction and painting work won awards, including Best of Show for Mixed Media in the Southern Hills Art Show. In 2010 Schenkel was honored with the Artsbridge “Reflections” People’s Choice Award and a 2nd place award for Mixed Media in the Parkersburg Art Center’s regional competition. Most recently, Schenkel was one of 59 artists from the state of Ohio whose work was included in the Ohio Annual exhibition at the Zanesville Museum of Art.

"Measured Growth" 14"x 18" mixed medium


Artwork is displayed inside businesses as Main Street becomes an art gallery for one night. Opening of Lukia Costello's "Newcomer's" Show at Arts Underground. VanOver Fine Arts opening of Geoffrey Schenkel's "A Strange Sense of Place, This Ain’t Grandpa’s Appalachia." SGi HS Chair Auction. After party at Arts Underground at 9pm. Comedy Improv by "Just Go With It" at SCA 6:45pm. Music all around. Free.

Come to the corner of Main & Mechanic Streets to get your map and schedule.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


"Drop Thy Britches" Oil
 Join us for Cleveland based artist A. Nancy Cintron, as she brings her witty Contemporary art style to Van Over Fine Arts for a solo exhibition entitled “Behind the Laughter”. Paintings inspired by the all female  comedy troop “The Washing Well Wenches” 

Opening Reception:  April 5, 2014 6-10pm @ Van Over Fine Arts - 49 E. Main St. Springville, NY 14141 - Artist will be present opening night only!

Artist Bio:

Some of my craft is wielded from my education and some from my childhood. I had a happy upbringing, with minor road blocks, that molded a great deal of my artistic direction. My artwork is an amplification of who I really am. I grew up in a loud, all-Greek household, from generations of farmers, fisherman and carpenters. Our family struggled to fit in an American ethnocentric community. My parents did not speak English, so I learned the language from watching (a lot) of television. Growing up, t.v. offered a great deal of raunchy comedy. I liked it! In my early education, I had difficulties with my bad english and my ill-tempered teachers. They made me feel like an outsider. I compensated by the other joys in life …playing outdoors, roller skating, soaking in comedies and drawing (quite a bit). Boredom was obsolete, with a pencil in hand. I also spent my summers in Greece, with my funny family & our goats. I'd spend hours floating in the Aegean Sea, looking into the sky, daydreaming and listening music. I grew up happy, and currently enjoy the same pastimes. The colors of my past translate into my paintings today. As I matured I realized how important it was to become educated …and that knowledge brought more happiness. I got accepted into the college that I was determined to attend. My parents thought it was unimportant and tried to keep me from going. To them, education for a female, was unnecessary and a waste of money. After all, it was customary, for the girls in Greek families, to marry and become housewives. My goal in life was contentment and to do the things that brought me enthusiasm. Cooking and cleaning did not excite me… it was painting and laughter that delivered me bliss. I was the first and only girl in my family (from generations back) to not only go to college, but to graduate and keep studying. The Greek (island) culture, that I was raised in, believed in only learning the skill that one would use in life. Education, in general, was of no value. I had to break that chain, but still hold onto my family ties and traditions. Learning is a lifelong experience and is something by doing, which should never cease to end. Painting has been my deliverance.

Education: B.A. in art history & classical studies, through John Carroll University, University Hts. OH Continued education, through graduate studies in art, with a focus in painting & art education, at Kent State University, Kent, OH. Transferred my studies to Cleveland Institute of Art, through Case Western Reserve University.

Influences: Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, the Pre-Raphaelites, Alphonse Mucha, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Szalay and Mother Nature.

Artist's Statement:
Painting and Laughing bring me bliss. When I create something, part of my energy and love goes into that piece. The artwork becomes an extension of my inner self. To know who I am, is to read me through my art.

"Success is not the career that you have, but it's the work that you do and enjoy."
- A. Nancy Cintron, smile-inducing artist & owner of the good goat gallery.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Well it's been a very long, rough winter here but as Charles Bukowski says"we learn survival by surviving." 

We are fired up for the 2014 season, It's slam packed with AWESOME Artists and KILLER Artwork! 
Here's a little show sampler! CHECK IT OUT!!!

April 5th - 26th  "Behind the Laughter" featuring paintings by Nancy Cintron

"Doing it Old School" 28" x 18" Framed print

"Well Hello Purdy"  20" x 16" Oil

July 12th - 26th  "I'm Alive, Your Alive" featuring paintings by Chad Grohman

"Skull and Dagger" - 8"x 10"  Gouache

"Tigers Above" - 11" x 14"  Gouache

November 8th - 29th "World's Best Artist" featuring artwork by Mitch O'Connell

"Clown Girl"


Stay tuned for more show info to come!!!!